Leaders want to do the right thing. They know they must speak up to be seen as socially conscious. 
Managers need to intervene in increasingly challenging situations and to level up their coaching skills using proven techniques and tools. 
Employees are asking managers for help as they navigate the polarized views and actions of coworkers and customers. 
Customers are looking for organizations to take a stand. 

Now you can address today’s reality head-on.

Take an immersive dive into engaging experiential, virtual content at any level in your organization with our cost-effective turn-key step-by-step virtual program. Delivered on our gamified Learning Experience Platform, the content is self-paced and can be conducted on-demand, meeting you where you are “right now.” And the online “community” allows you to engage with Laura, as well as the other attendees, to ask questions and discuss what you’re learning in real-time. 

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Become an ally to coworkers, stand up to bullying and intolerance by using “Bias Interrupters” and treat customers from all backgrounds with an enhanced level of respect.

Create your organization’s Inclusion Statement and Commitments with 10 Actionable Strategies to get started on immediately. 

Awaken your team to recognize and stand up against unconscious bias at a personal, interpersonal, and organizational level.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training for Leaders, Managers, and Employees

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Learn to celebrate diversity and to stop intolerance using intervention tactics in the “Coaches Toolbox” and lead conversations with our “Manager’s Facilitation Guides.” 

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Laura Moriarty, president of Tahoe Training Partners and creator of Awaken Unconscious Bias, is a DEI expert facilitator, executive coach, author, and corporate trainer. Laura's strength is partnering with companies to customize training and development solutions for team members, front-line leaders, managers, and executives in field and corporate environments to drive business results.

With an extensive background in learning design, development and delivery, Laura has developed innovative training programs for hospitality companies, ski resorts, retail, health care organizations, municipalities, government agencies, nonprofits, and manufacturing environments.  Participants value takeaways of practical tools, useful skills and frequently comment, “Time Well Spent."