Strategic Planning

There are two big processes leaders can influence.  Strategy and the ability to execute.  We can help you fine tune your business plan.

  •     Brand Integration
  •     Vision, Mission, Values Development
  •     Strategic Road-mapping
  •     Goal Setting and Accountability
  •     Product/Service ROI Planning
  •     Management retreats
  •     Organizational Design

Free Consultation

Meeting Facilitation

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Streamline your meetings, unleash creativity and reach the most relevant and true decisions to make the most of your opportunities and challenges.

“Death by meeting” – We've all been there. When it really counts, you may find that a neutral, skilled facilitator can help you to set the agenda, establish realistic expectations, craft the content and get the best thinking and focused energy out of the talent you have assembled.

Successful strategic and tactical planning requires clarity of purpose and a method to reach conclusions. These decisions and conclusions drive activities and actions linked to your most important goals. 

Our survey tool allows you to collect relevant data regarding your immediate concerns and lightening rods prior to your meeting event. This streamlines the time needed to collect opinions so you can start seeking solutions.

To learn more about planning issues and using 20/20 insight to prepare for facilitated meetings, contact Laura Moriarty at Tahoe Training Partners (530-573-0224 or

    Use a facilitator when you need to:

  •     Ensure an atmosphere of Creative Safety
  •     Unleash the brain trust of your collective intellect
  •     Develop your vision
  •     Develop your mission
  •     Clarify team purpose
  •     Assess the competitive environment
  •     SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  •     Define your most important goals
  •     Develop objectives and action items
  •     Identify barriers
  •     Assign accountability for next steps